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Atlas Helps Economic Developers Compete in More Ways than any other Provider

Does your community know how to leverage it's unique strengths to drive inquiry and investment from prospects? Economic development marketing is where Atlas started and it’s what we do every day. Our CEO is a former economic developer. Our Creative Director has designed the best economic development website in the country—four times. And we all work hard to create feature-rich, integrated software products and dynamic creative services for our economic development clients every day.  

Smart, Feature Rich Economic Development Websites 

Atlas offers the most feature rich, easy to use economic development websites on the market.  These include Atlas Smart City Economic Development Website, developed specifically for cities and counties under 100,000 in population, and Atlas Smart Region Economic Development Website, developed specifically for regions and utility service areas made up of multiple cities and counties and totaling over 100,000 in population.  
Learn more about the Atlas Smart City Economic Development Website.
Learn more about the Atlas Smart Region Economic Development Website.

Atlas InSite: GIS Data Management

Manage available properties, local business data, amenity details and more with our simple, robust GIS mapping software, currently in use by more than 1000 economic developers in 27 different markets. 
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Agency Services for Economic Developers

You’re developing a vibrant community—primed to compete now and in the long term. Let us create marketing campaigns that drive your success. For the last ten years, Atlas Advertising has developed economic development marketing campaigns that generate real results. Just ask Greater Omaha EDP, who brought in more than $50 million in capital investment with a client-specific project room. Or Indy Partnership, who won last year’s Best Economic Development Website award from the IEDC.
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