High Performance Economic Development. Proving why metrics matter.
Does your EDO make a difference in your community?
Can your staff, board, and leadership team provide examples of your impact every time you are asked? If not, your organization’s ability to operate in the future is at risk.

Enter High Performance Economic Development (HPED). HPED is an economic development – specific approach to “strategic doing” developed by Atlas to enable EDO’s to operate more effectively and sustainably.

HPED helps executives in EDO’s to develop collaborative action plans that focus on clear, measurable, and comparable outcomes, informed by real site selector feedback, and by assisting you, your staff, and your board to communicate these plans publicly based on private sector – inspired national benchmarks.

Our consulting services are for communities that need to take their organizations to the next level. It’s a metrics based approach to economic development, marketing business development and executive leadership. Learn more about our HPED consulting services.